The Benefits Of Using Html 5

There are numerous benefits of using Html 5. In a nutshell, html 5 is the latest version of html, which stands for hypertext markup language. This is a formatting script that allows servers to translate commands into websites that are readable by browsers.
New tags
The html 5 coding follows specific Internet conventions, allowing webmasters to design websites in increasingly innovative and creative ways. This version contains additional tags including <video>, <canvas> and <audio>, meaning web designers no longer need to use a Flash plug in for multimedia applications. Other tags, such as <header>, <section>, and <article> help programmers to organize and manage page content more effectively. The semantics have been cleaned up with this version, standardizing the codes, making it easier to navigate different areas of the webpage.
Multimedia benefits
Indeed, the major benefit of html 5 is the added creative support. Before this version, the only ways to incorporate drawing, animation, video and audio were through add-on tools and third party applications such as Flash, Flex, Silverlight or intricate JavaScript coding. This meant extra time and energy needed to be put into web design. Html 5 allows the webmaster to program film and sound elements directly through the use of new tags: <video>, <canvas> and <audio>.
Html 5 geo-location application program interface (API) – a set of programming conventions allowing different types of software to communicate with each other – means that your location will be available to any compatible browser application (such as Safari or Chrome). This allows hardware such as smartphones to be able to access web applications such as Google Maps.
User database storage
There are two different kinds of storage in html 5: sessionStorage and localStorage, which takes the place of cookies. Previous html versions used cookies to track session information. The major downside of cookies is that they are too large, making the server response time considerably slow.  
Html 5 enables the temporary storage of structured data in a defined database. The stored information can be used to maintain online applications, save emails or store shopping cart purchases. This data can even be accessed offline.