Effective Eating Plan for Weight Loss

The best starting point in the process of losing weight is to follow an eating plan designed for your specific needs.  This is when you eat specified foods according to a plan or program designed by a professional such as a dietician or medical doctor.  There are many eating plans designed by ordinary people as well that work wonders.  Here follows just such a plan step by step.

First of all, breakfast can make or break any eating plan.  Make sure you have a good wholesome breakfast every day.  This should consist of something substantial such as egg on toast, oatmeal or fibre bran.  If you need a snack afterwards at midmorning or so, try and snack on fruit or yogurt.

Lunch should be light, try something like steamed chicken with greens or even a thick soup.  Always try to get a lot of vegetables in during this time.  It will fill you up and is obviously very healthy.  Between lunch and dinner you can also snack or nuts or raisins and even dried fruit.  Just remember to eat nuts in moderation as they are very high in fat.  Avocado is also a good snack but should also be eaten in moderation.  Cutting down on fat will help greatly in your plan to lose the weight.

Dinnertime can be made fun, considering you can still eat red meat (lean!) with potato whether boiled or baked.  Try to used olive oil whenever possible as this is the healthier option when frying foods.  Whenever possible try to grill or steam your food as this will eliminate most of the oil and fat that is inside the food (especially meat).  Also include some green vegetables in you dinner.  These are very good antioxidants.

Treat yourself every now and then to a dessert after dinner (it is allowed!)  Whenever you are following an eating plan, you should try to cut out any alcohol, pastries, white bread and excessive sugar consumption.  Following the above basic outlines can get you on the path to weight loss without a major struggle.