Asset protection for men who are going through a divorce

Divorce is a difficult process emotionally and financially.  Hundreds if not thousands of rands are spent on lawyers and very often it are the men that get the short end of the stick at the end of everything.  If you’re a man going through a divorce you will already know how important asset protection is during the proceedings.  Sometimes women are out to get everything and more during a divorce because of different reasons.  This includes their soon-to-be ex-husband’s assets.

Many lawyer firms specialise in asset protection and it would be very wise to consult one of their lawyers when it comes to asset protection during your divorce.  A lawyer would be able to assist you in knowing your rights during a divorce and what settlements should be made regarding your partner.  Keep in mind that if you are married in community of property the best way to solve the situation during divorce is to sell everything and split the money in half.  Getting married and having a prenuptial contract is the best way to go these days.  You can specify in such a contract which assets belong to you and which belong to your wife and what happens to these assets in case of a divorce.

Assets are something that many people have very ugly fights over while getting divorced.  The best way to avoid all this is with said prenuptial contract.  Also keep in mind that if you as a man, should have an affair while married, your wife could actually sue you in court and you could end up paying her a lot of money or giving her a lot of your assets anyway, regardless of any prenup contract.  Therefore you have to make sure that in order to protect your assets, you are well within the law and well within the boundaries of your marriage while married.  If you are getting a lawyer to handle you asset protection for you, make sure that he is capable of handling all aspects of your case and that he gives sound advice.