Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions are seen in two ways. The one way is as a celebration of the uniting of two people in marriage, and the other as a form of thanks to the guests for attending the ceremony. Either way, it is meant to be a time of fun, laughter and good food.

To arrange a wedding reception is a massive task on its own, never mind the other things to do with a wedding. If you are financially able, hire someone to do it for you. You should already have a guest list on hand. Now to find a suitable venue that will be able to accommodate the amount of guests and provide food and drink. Many people use the local country club as this is a good income for them. There are other places, but shop around to find the most suitable in price and facilities.

Once you have decided on the location, make sure you confirm the booking. You will most probably have to make a deposit to the venue as a security. In some cultures the bride’s parents pay for the reception. Sometimes this is not always possible, so some delicate negotiation may be required. Maybe even a compromise can be reached.

Menus and décor will need some serious discussions with the groom. The groom should be brought in on decisions such as these; it is after all his day as well. People always remember food and décor so don’t scrimp and scrape. Make sure the kitchen and the waiters are really sharp, sloppy service really doesn’t go down well.

Really effective décor, done cleverly, doesn’t have to work out too expensive. Decide on color choices and a theme. If you have flowers, that is a budget eater. Little focal points around the dining room create interest and people talk. Don’t make massive table decorations that people have to peek around to see and talk to other guests at their table.

Have little reminders of the occasion for guests to go away with for instance little bon bon dishes, charms something special they will keep