So you have worked really hard throughout the year and feel like it might be time for that well deserved break. You already have your dream destination in mind and all you need to do is book all accommodation, tickets, rental cards and secure your travel documents if necessary and you should be good to go. However, when it comes to booking accommodation you find that all the ideal resorts or hotels are fully booked. It is in scenarios such as this one where the traveller would wish that he/she had invested in a solid timeshare package to avoid disappointment come holiday season. So you might be wondering: What is timeshare? Timeshare is the securing of good accommodation for a specific period of time, where in a sense; you secure the rights to own a specific property for a set period of time. Time share can be bought directly through the specific home or resort you are interested in using for your holiday period, or it can be done through one of the various holiday clubs that exist on the market, most of which require proper research before you engage in any sort of contract with them, as there are many scams that have been reported.

Timeshare is extremely convenient and the standard of accommodation with Timeshared properties has been found to be much higher than hotels etc. Almost all Timeshared properties are self-catering and most timeshared resorts offer a host of other activities and amenities that are generally free to use. How it works is that the prospective traveller pays a specific amount upon the signing of the timeshare contract, and thereafter pays an annual fee for the upkeep of the property. You can either choose to enter into a fixed week contract, where you own a villa or apartment for a set week within the year, or into a floating system, where you have ownership of a property within any week (or more) of a seasonal period. The Exchange System in timeshare allows you to exchange properties with other users in accordance with your desires, for the week or period that you have timeshared.

Timeshare is a wonderful way to secure your yearly holidays and avoid some of the pitfalls that may come with travelling. Ensure that you research and trust the timeshare option you choose to engage in.