The Automatic Gate

An automatic gate has great values in both form and function. The first thing that is visible when approaching any property is the entrance gate. A gate must add to the visual appeal of the property by using complimentary materials and design. Functionally the automatic gate should reduce the hassles of opening and closing the gate especially in bad weather. It is also a major player in the security and protection of your property.
An automatic gate can be installed new or an existing gate can be modified to become automated. Both of these choices have their positives and negatives. Either way shop around to get many different quotes to see if brand new or modified is the best choice. Either way the gate motor will be new so check for your guarantee and warranty options for what should be a very long-term investment. The gate motor and the mechanism is the most important part of the installation of an automatic gate.
There are a number of different ways to activate an automatic gate besides an operating keypad, which is standard, and is also an operating safety backup. Automatic gates can also be operated by remotes or an intercom. When there are remotes make sure to get one for every member of the family if it is a home property. An automatic gate is set to open and close at a certain speed and stay open for a pre-determined time, which is lengthened by the motion sensors that can detect large obstructions.
All automatic gates need basic maintenance that the owner can do without having to bring in a professional. Keeping obstructions away from both sliding and swinging gates is the first step to good maintenance. Keep the gate motor covered and locked at all times. The gate motor needs to be protected from water and weather and from tampering. Keep the hydraulic system on swing gates or the tracking mechanism on sliding gates well lubricated and oiled. The lighter the gate the less strain is placed on the mechanism. The number of the times the gate moves also places strains on the mechanism. Therefore constant maintenance to alleviate strain is very important.