Can SEO boost your turnover

The answer to the question of using SEO to boost your turnover, is both yes and no. It would be so much more simple if you could just write a few well-worded, articles for your website, and there you go – instant success. This is where the ‘no’ answer comes in. While a website designed for SEO can help to boost your business, you should not rely on that as the only means to market your business.

Now that you understand that, here is how to utilize SEO in the best way possible. SEO is based on the use of keywords on a page. Research has shown that people only scan parts of web pages to determine whether or not it is what they are looking for. This scanning method led researchers to notice that the beginning and ending of an article drew the most attention. So when you use SEO keywords, these are the best positions in a page to put them.

This does not mean that a page filled with gibberish for the sake of keyword searches is the way to do it. This will only irritate your visitor, and not tempt him or her to return for another visit. So keep the contents of your website pages relevant to the products, but provide more than just the basics. When people do website searches, they want more than just the bare facts. The bare facts need to be there – the features on your products, the prices, delivery options, and so on – but why not tell them more about the benefits of using your products.

Add articles and interesting facts to entice your visitor to become more than a one time buyer. Internet marketing has become more than just a few selected keywords, scattered throughout a product specification sheet. The internet search engine is a gateway for your business to obtain its customers. Use SEO to find your first time buyers, and then it is up to you to ensure that the experience is one that they wish to repeat. And often.