Installing LED Lighting

LED lighting is the new way to supply light to various spaces in your home. They are often used under kitchen cabinets so that a new and interesting light source can be used in this area. LED lighting is actually more energy efficient then your traditional lighting, also it has a low profile and therefore sits flat in a cabinet rather then stick out.
Only install LED lighting if you are comfortable with electrics. To install LED lighting you will; need some basic tools those being the power drill, a voltage tester, wire cutters and a screwdriver.  
Before you even begin to install your LED lighting you need to decide exactly where you are going to place them. When you are choosing the place you need to make sure that they are in area where there is electrical wiring and that an electrical source is close by.  
You need to see the wiring where you are placing the LED lighting, so drill small holes into the underside of the cabinet or where you are going to place the lights. Also determine which of the circuits you are going to use on your home circuit board.
 Once you have found the circuit, please turn it off so that you are safe when you are doing electrics. You do not want to electrocute yourself.
Feed the wiring from the circuit and through the floor to the cabinet. You will need to then connect the wiring to the LED lighting. Read the manual that comes with your LED lighting so you know how to correctly wore them up.
Connect the ground wires from the electrical source so that the LED can be connected to the switch box.
Once you are happy with all the wiring, you can turn the circuit on so that you test if your LED lighting is working properly.
A nice idea would be to install a dimmer switch. This means that you will be able to control the amount of light that is being emitted by your LED lighting.
If you are uncomfortable with installing the LED lighting yourself then rather call in an electrician so that you can rest assure that you wont make a mistake in your wiring.
LED lighting can give a different kind of ambiance to your home. They can also be installed as spotlights, which can attract the eye to certain things. You can also get romantic with a dimmer creating the perfect setting for a wonderful meal.