How to Commit Social Media Suicide

There are many ways you can go about committing social media suicide, from which there is simply no returning from. People don’t always realise the importance of planning and research in social media marketing. It is quite simply equally as important as it would be in any other form of advertising, and with social media being a big part of online marketing, it has to be looked into. You should also remember that each community is different and will not respond in similar ways to every formula.

  • Even though the monitoring ROI is not always easy with social media endeavours, you should always set goals that need to be achieved. This will allow you to research what you have to do in order to meet these goals. Each social media campaign has to have a clear set of goals from the outset. You should ask yourself what it is that you would like to be able to achieve using social media and what kind of role you want it to play with your internet marketing efforts.
  • You should also prepare yourself for the inevitable criticism and many negative comments that will come from many different corners. Even though you should steel yourself for these criticisms, don’t make the mistake of ever simply ignoring it. It might be frustrating all of the time to have to read through endless negative critiques, but this should be seen as a beneficial thing. You will want to know what people want to see in order to get your Google Alerts set up accurately and for them to subscribe to your comment threads.
  • Never use misleading headlines, images or tags. This is a sure fire way to commit social media suicide. It is essential to grab your audience to come up with a fantastic and grabbing headline and cool intro, but ensure that you are never misleading your audience. If you use a headline that has no relevance to the body of the article then your visitors will lose trust in you and certainly won’t stay around long, nor will they be returning any time soon. These are only some of the things you need to avoid in order not to commit the dreaded social media suicide.

Social media and internet media can both be beneficial in your online marketing efforts and using these tips you can help you be on the right path to marketing properly.

Due to the fact that social media is the number one form of communication between friends and family as well as the best type of advertising for your business that you could possibly endeavour to use, it is pertinent that you make sure that the content that you add to your links and your pages is accurate and is believable. Now although sites like FaceBook are great social media sites to advertise on you have to make sure that you do not oversell a product. There are many people that use FaceBook as a form of advertising and they tend to place adverts every two minutes about the same products. This does get annoying for some people and they will them thus unlike the page.

This is the type of thing that your business does not need. There are also people that use their personal FaceBook account for a start-up business, this works great so that contacts can see who you and are also more likely to trust the product if they are connected to you personally. However the one sure fire way of committing social media suicide is to advertise a different business every week on your personal FaceBook account. If the different businesses are in a similar line one can possible put it down to you trying a different tactic, however if you are offering beauty treatments this week and next week you are offering financial services, you can be guaranteed that users will start thinking of you as a fraud. Unless you are sure that the business that you are advertising is one that you are going to see through to the end it is not advisable to link it to your name.

This is not only committing social media suicide in terms of marketing your product, you will also be tarnishing your personal reputation. With a tarnished reputation in the business world and personally, you will find it extremely difficult to make a success of any business. Although social media is a fantastic way to advertise your products and services, it is essential that you make sure that you do it in a completely professional way so that it does not backfire on you.