Buying A Drop Domains Pros N Cons

Buying dropped or dropping domains can be a nifty way to get the domain of your dreams. Like anything in life, the process is accompanied by a host of pros and cons. Hopefully, this little bit of information will be able to help you use the purchase of drop domains to its best advantage.
A dropping domain is one that is about to expire. Similarly, a dropped domain occurs when a domain owner fails to renew it. If you have your heart set on a domain that is about to expire you can try and register it by procuring the services of a company that will back order that particular domain.  
Dropped domains: Pros and Cons
With tens of thousands of expired domains available each day, you need never be limited to a domain that is less than perfect. An obvious advantage is that dropped domains tend to be cheaper and the process of purchasing an expired domain is as straight forward as registering a new one (you do this with the help of a registrar). There is also a substantial chance that your “2nd hand” domain name will still be search-engine optimized or be linked to existing websites that could lead to better exposure of your site.
An obvious con of this type of purchase maybe that you fail to procure the ideal domain. Also, if you are unhappy with the registrar, it involves a fair amount of admin to relocate your domain to another registrar.
Dropping domains: Pros and Cons
Advantages of buying domain names that have already expired is that you can often find some valuable domain names at a fraction of their original cost and with minimal competition, provided no one else has attempted to back order the same name. Your new domain has the potential to generate more traffic on your site if it is ranked or back linked.
Disadvantages include the possibility that you will be unable to obtain your ideal domain name. This is often more expensive because you have to pay added administrative fees such as auction levies and registration costs.