Online Marketing Strategy


What marketing strategy should I use?


The competition online is tough with millions of ecommerce websites and millions of ecustomers to compete for.

Getting exposure for your estore is vital in order to reap the maximum benefit that trading online has to offer.

There are many online marketing methods to use to bring in the etraffic to your estore. These include but are not limited to Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, banner ads, pop unders, web directories, direct feeds from internet shopping portals, affiliate marketing and affiliate networks.

The best route to take would be employ a combination of online marketing strategies, to ensure that you direct the maximum amount of online traffic to your estore.

Affiliate marketing through affiliate networks like, gives your ecommerce site the the maximum benefit in terms of online branding and directing traffic to your estore.

Affiliate Networks like, have thousands of websites affiliated to their network and place banners, advertising your estore, on all the websites affiliated to their network. This generates traffic to the estore and provides branding exposure from all the websites affiliated to the network.

Another important factor of employing online marketing strategies is that a lot of the industry operates on a pay-per-performance basis. This means that ecommerce retailers only pay for quantifiable results when investing in online marketing.

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  • Hey! I read your article and I like the concept you’ve mentioned with regards to combing the different strategies possible to achieve a more effective marketing strategy. I agree to that knowing that online marketing is too broad and there are just too many strategies within it! Sticking to one strategy is impractical.

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