Thatching Westenburg. Thatching your Lapa or home

Thatching a roof gives any premises a beach holiday feel and makes our summers at home feel more relaxed as we soak up the sunlight and know that we have the shade of a Lapa to cool off in and on those rainy days we still have the opportunity to braai and entertain guests.  Call Thatching Westenburg for a Thatch Lapa and Thatch Lapa prices.

Thatching Contractors, We do thatching house projects

Are you in the Westenburg and surrounding areas?  Thatching Westenburg is the local and most popular thatching contractors in the Limpopo Province.  Furthermore, we have Thatch roof prices that are jaw-dropping and awesome.  Beside and not leaving out the fact that our thatching house prices and our thatch Lapa prices are better than you imagined and not to mention that our Thatching contractors are top class workmen.

Give Thatching Westenburg a call for your quote now.

Thatching Westenburg
Thatching Westenburg

Thatching Companies that do thatch repairs

Thatching companies that do thatch repairs in the Limpopo region, we are Thatching Westenburg and have had years of success with our great team of well-skilled workers helping make people’s homes look fresh with new or refurbished thatch roof maintenance and repairs.

Build Thatched garden gazebos

Are you thinking about a change to your garden and entertainment area and need a little something to make it feel more like a vacation?  Have you thought about contacting thatching companies for a quote?  Have you thought about Thatched garden gazebos, the inexpensive garden feature to add a new chilled area to your garden?  Chat to Thatching Westenburg for a quote today.  Sometimes our best getaway retreat is right at home.

Thatch Repairs the best thatching companies

Does your tried and now very old thatch need repairs and good maintenance and truthfully you have left it just a little too long and now you are worried about the price it will cost as thatching companies have been expensive in the past?  Well that being said, take the chance and call Thatching Westenburg in Limpopo for thatch repairs and our maintenance special offers.

Do you need swimming pool repairs?

Call us now!  Thatching Westenburg offers you amongst our many great maintenance services, swimming pool repairs for your private pool or repairs on public, or holiday resort pools.  The pool may have a leak or crack, we can fix it.  The pool pump may be blocked or damaged, Thatching Westenburg can replace it or fix it.

Borehole repairs, Irrigation, instant lawn and landscaping

It may sound too good to be true but if you get in contact with Thatching Westenburg we offer services and maintenance for all your garden needs.  We do borehole repairs for large and small pumps, what is more, we offer Irrigation systems to keep your garden looking green and beautiful, additionally, you can call us to order instant lawn and ask us about landscaping to give your garden a fresh new look.

Thatching Westenburg
Thatching Westenburg

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